Irrigation system criteria

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Irrigation systems function to supplement rainfall to meet plant watering requirements. System designs and installations can be basic or complicated, depending on plant needs, site conditions and aesthetic requirements.

Florida Water Star landscapes are designed for sustainability, meaning they survive with minimal irrigation. This does not mean that a less superior irrigation system should be installed, but that the irrigation system is more efficient, waters only those areas that need it, and is operated to apply water based on the plant’s needs. A Florida Water Star residential project may not irrigate more than one-half acre of landscaped area.

Ongoing operation and maintenance are essential to preserving irrigation system efficiency. Designers, installers and operators should plan to perform periodic analysis of the irrigation system, checking to optimize its efficiency. Routine maintenance of the system hardware, including replacement of broken sprinklers/emitters, leveling and raising of sprinkler heads, microirrigation monitoring and other periodically executed practices, is essential to maintaining the system’s efficiency. Appendix F of the Florida Plumbing Code provides additional information on irrigation system design and installation.

Florida Water Star characterizes irrigation system efficiency by the following categories of good practice:

Adjusting sprinkler