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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Landscape criteria

Plant compatibility

Waterwise plant database

The online waterwise plant database contains many of Florida’s landscape plants and is organized based on each plant’s natural environmental requirements. This database can be sorted by plant characteristics.

Waterwise Landscaping Database Screen Shot

A screen shot from the waterwise plant database prior to setting search criteria.

In addition, it is possible to organize plants into groups by hydrozone. This will create a plant palette that is appropriate to the specific site. It is encouraged that applicants will use this tool as a basis for documenting Florida Water Star landscape compliance. Refer to the frequently asked questions section of the waterwise web pages to learn how to best use this database. Additional plant resources may be incorporated in the development of the plant palate and should be documented in the case of their use.

Waterwise Landscaping Database Screen Shot

This screen shot of a plant from the waterwise plant database shows details of natural conditions needed by this plant to thrive.

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