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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Landscape criteria

General practices for a Florida Water Star landscape design

No permanent irrigation in landscape beds


Many plants used in landscape beds in Florida do not require supplemental irrigation beyond establishment and outside of drought conditions. As a result, Florida Water Star recognizes that great conservation potential exists for the following: (1) not installing irrigation in landscape beds, or (2) disconnecting landscape bed irrigation after plant establishment.

Requirements and certification

Landscape beds are designed to have no permanent irrigation system. (All extensions/lateral lines to these areas from an existing irrigation system are permanently disabled.)





Up to 20 points


No Permanent Landscape Bed Irrigation Calculation

(unirrigated landscape bed area ÷ total landscape bed area) × available points

If 100% of the landscape beds are unirrigated, the full point value is awarded. Partial points are awarded for having less than 100% unirrigated beds. For example, if 1,500 square feet (ft2) of landscape beds are unirrigated and 1,000 ft2 of landscape beds are irrigated, 13 points will be awarded. Points are given if irrigation equipment is still in place, but permanently disabled. The Inspector must receive a written guarantee from the irrigation installer or applicant that any temporary irrigation system is removed after establishment of plants, no longer than 60 days after planting.

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