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Soil amendments


Soil health can influence the ability of rainwater to penetrate the soil, thereby preventing excess runoff, sedimentation, erosion and flooding. Soil also helps to clean, store and recharge groundwater. By storing water and slowing the delivery of water to plants and supplying nutrients, soils play a significant role in vegetation health.

Soil amendments are any elements added to the soil, such as compost, peat moss or fertilizer, that improve the capacity of soil to support plant life. While fertilizer improves soil by adding nutrients only, amendments such as compost also improve soil by making its texture or drainage more conducive to plant health.

Requirements and certification

Organic soil amendments are incorporated into the top 8 inches of existing soil. (Amendment of at least 5% of the soil weight is recommended.)





10 points


The Inspector will confirm this practice with documentation from the applicant of the purchase of the soil amendment and, if possible, photo-documentation of the installation. Confirmation of compliance with this practice is included in the landscape affidavit.

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