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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Landscape criteria



In some cases, landscape design practices that are not specified by Florida Water Star receive credit for water conservation potential. This type of practice is evaluated as landscape innovation.

Requirements and certification

Innovative water conservation is used.





Up to 10 points


Points are awarded based upon the water savings or increased efficiency that is demonstrated. Points are awarded after the review by and documentation provided to Florida Water Star program staff, after receiving recommendations from the program’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). In the absence of a recommendation by TAC or if there is a demonstrated need for timeliness, the administrator may render a decision, with the input of landscape design experts. Any innovation seeking credit must be in compliance with local codes/ordinances and homeowner association restrictions. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to research this for compliance.

Program tip

Technology that can improve soil conditions is the most likely source of points for this category of design. Landscapes that use all native, site-appropriate species may also receive innovation credit. In addition, technologies that apply to the application of water may qualify for irrigation innovation points.

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