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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Landscape criteria

Florida Water Star Gold best practices criteria



Typically, rain falls on a roof, flows through downspouts and over impervious surfaces, then travels into off-site stormwater treatment systems. The diversion of downspouts to pervious areas creates the following improvements:

  1. Water that would be wasted as runoff is used to meet plant water needs.
  2. Water that would typically run off and burden the stormwater system infiltrates the soil and is treated on-site.
Requirements and certification

All downspouts are directed to pervious areas; outfall is 2 feet or more from foundation.





5 points


Florida Water Star points apply only to downspouts that are adjacent to impervious surfaces. In other words, downspouts that can only be routed to impervious areas are not evaluated and do not receive credit.

The Inspector will visually confirm this practice during the site inspection.

Rainwater harvesting systems, or cisterns, are considered as pervious areas. For instance, a house with four downspouts directed to a cistern would receive these points.

Program tip

When directing downspouts to landscaped areas, it may be necessary to install a device to reduce water flow so that scouring and mulch removal does not occur. Reversing a downspout dissipater may work well.

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