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Florida Water StarSM Technical Manual

Landscape criteria

Florida Water StarSM Gold best practices criteria

Border adjacent to water bodies


Transport of fertilizers, grass clippings and lawn chemicals to water bodies during rain or irrigation can cause pollution from nutrients and suspended solids. The creation of a landscape buffer reduces the likelihood that pollutants will enter a water body.

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Earth Shaping to Prevent Runoff

Source for illustrations:
Southwest Florida Water Management District

Requirements and certification

A minimum 10-foot border of unirrigated, site-appropriate plants is created parallel to the shoreline/seawall.





Up to 10 points


The certifier will visually inspect this area and use the waterwise plant database to confirm plant suitability. Pictures must be submitted as documentation. The certifier awards points based on the percentage of the waterfront portion of the property that has the 10-foot buffer.

Program tip

More information specific to this practice is available on the website of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the University of Florida:

St. Johns River Water Management District
4049 Reid Street, Palatka, FL 32177