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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Irrigation system criteria

Distribution (application) uniformity

Variable-arc nozzle (VANs) or adjustable nozzle restriction

Variable-arc nozzle

Variable-arc nozzle.


Variable-arc nozzles (VANs) are adjustable spray nozzles that allow application in a range of arc. While this enables in-field adaptability, VANs do not typically apply water as uniformly as standard fixed-spray nozzles, especially over time.

Requirements and certification

VANs are only used to irrigate unevenly shaped turf grass areas that cannot be effectively irrigated with fixed-spray nozzles.







Appropriate VAN installation

Appropriate VANs installation.

Limit VANs use to those landscaped areas that cannot be effectively irrigated by fixed-spray nozzles. The following illustration shows an example of how VANs might be the best solution to effectively apply water to a turf grass area. Ideally, the landscape design should limit such situations.

Program tip

Early coordination of landscape and irrigation designs can reduce the need for VANs, by limiting the number of oddly shaped areas that cannot be effectively irrigated by fixed-spray nozzles. This Florida Water Star requirement can be met through thoughtful landscape design.

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