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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Irrigation system criteria

A pressure-regulating spray head

A pressure-regulating spray head.

Pressure regulation

Zone pressure-regulation


Pressure-regulating spray heads restrict water pressure to the range recommended by the manufacturer. Use of these heads increases application efficiency.

Requirements and certification

All zones with spray nozzles are pressure-regulated at the head or at the zone valve.







Another brand of pressure-regulating spray head

Another brand of pressure-regulating spray head.

All spray heads or zone valves within a Florida Water Star-certified irrigation system must be pressure-regulated to receive credit for this practice. During inspection, the Inspector is to confirm that all spray heads or spray zones are pressure-regulated.

Program tip

Florida Water Star Inspectors can easily inspect for pressure-regulated spray heads during their inspection for emitter spacing, matched precipitation, and other requirements that require establishment of spray head specifications.

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