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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Irrigation system criteria

General design

Microirrigation in narrow areas


Generally, landscape areas that are less than 4 feet wide are difficult to irrigate without creating overspray to adjacent areas.

Requirements and certification

Irrigated areas less than 4 feet wide are irrigated by using correctly designed and installed microirrigation.







The Florida Water Star Inspector will visually confirm this prerequisite. In some cases, as in between two houses, it is common to have turf strips less than 4 feet. A variance may be requested if this situation occurs, and the variance will be dependent on the actual width of the turf and specific site conditions.

Program tip

Side yards often have small turf grass strips required by local codes. There is the potential for a variance if a side yard is required to have a turf strip of less than 4 feet wide for irrigation. This can happen on a small lot that must have turf grass for stormwater conveyance.

Inspectors should contact the Florida Water Star administrator to determine if a variance is applicable.

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