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Irrigation system criteria

A leak from a cracked sprinkler head

A leak from a cracked sprinkler head.

General design



Irrigation system leaks can be common and sometimes result in significant water loss, which is frequently overlooked.

The following are some commonly observed irrigation system leaks:

  • Broken irrigation heads
  • Cracked pipe at the point of connection with the sprinkler casing
  • Cut or cracked in-line drip tubing
  • Disengaged emitters
  • Wear at emitter insertion points

Florida Water Star attempts to identify any aboveground leaks at the time of certification.

Requirements and certification

Irrigation system is free from leaks.







Inspectors will ensure no leaks exist during system operation. The program Inspector is to visually inspect the entire irrigation system and require that any leaks be stopped prior to certification. It is not within the scope of this program to check for underground leaks.

Program tip

Often landscape and irrigation system installations overlap, creating the potential for inadvertent damage to irrigation system components. If landscape plants are installed after the irrigation system, which often occurs, the irrigation system should be inspected to ensure no leaks or other malfunctions were created during the landscape installation.

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