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Florida Water Star Technical Manual

Irrigation system criteria

Operation and scheduling

Commercial water budget


Industry experience and research indicates that a site-appropriate landscape can thrive on a 25 annual inch water budget. This 25-inch water budget provides a clear goal for water conservation. The water budget requirement allows designers more flexibility in creating the landscape, instead of selecting specific practices from a points list.

Requirements and certification

The irrigation schedule for maintenance does not exceed 25 inches per square foot (15.5 gallons) annually, and the controller is set for compliance with water management district landscape watering restrictions.







The limit of 25 inches is not fixed to a single location, but it can be averaged across the entire landscaped area. In other words, any water below 25 annual inches not used in an area could be used elsewhere in the landscape and is, therefore, considered an average application over the entire landscaped area. For instance, excess budgeted water for a landscape bed with shrubs that requires little additional irrigation beyond establishment could be used for an annual bed that might require more than 25 inches annually.

This water budget is the annual depth of application per square foot allowed for maintenance irrigation. Therefore, establishment irrigation is exempt, but must occur in compliance with Florida Water Star requirements.

Thorough calculations are required to verify this prerequisite. This water budget calculator may be used to demonstrate compliance.

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