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Florida Water StarSM Technical Manual

Indoor criteria

Quarter-turn valves

Quarter-turn valves.

Push-pull valves

Push-pull valves.

General efficiency practices

Quarter-turn and push-pull valves


Multi-turn valves were often used in the past to supply fixtures and appliances in residential and commercial settings. Now quarter-turn and push-pull valves have increased in popularity and are frequently used.

A quarter-turn valve requires a single 90-degree turn of the valve stem to open or close the water flow.

A push-pull valve requires a single push or pull to either open or close the flow of water.

Both types of valves allow for occupants to quickly stop water from flowing.

Requirements and certification

A quarter-turn or push-pull valve is used for all fixture and appliance supply lines.







The use of quarter-turn or push-pull valves applies to two Florida Water StarSM categories: (1) toilet or sink supply lines and (2) appliance supply lines. To receive credit, all valves must be quarter-turn within each category.

The certifier will manually check each valve for compliance.

Program tip

The certifier must have the applicant’s approval to move heavier appliances when it is necessary to inspect supply connection valves.

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