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Indoor criteria


Commercial ice machines

Commercial ice machine

Commercial ice machine.

Commercial ice machines can use many types of cooling and production processes.

Florida Water Star commercial ice machine requirements are based on ENERGY STAR® standards. These performance specifications are, on average, 10% more water-efficient than standard commercial ice machines.

A cooling system is an essential icemaker component that is generally either air-cooled or water-cooled. Water-cooled ice machines are not eligible for ENERGY STAR® labeling. In addition, flake and nugget ice machines are not eligible for ENERGY STAR® until a sound testing protocol and performance database are established. Any ice machines that do not fit within these categories will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements and certification

Commercial ice machines are ENERGY STAR®-labeled or meet performance specifications listed below if an ENERGY STAR®-labeled machine is unavailable.

Commercial Ice Machine

Equipment Type

Harvest Rate
(pounds of ice
per day)

Potable Water
Use Limit
(gallons per 100 pounds ice)



< 450

≤ 25

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≥ 450

≤ 25

RCU (without remote compressor)

< 1000

≤ 25

≥ 1000

≤ 25

RCU (with remote compressor)

< 934

≤ 25

≥ 934

≤ 25


< 175

≤ 35

≥ 175

≤ 35

IMH: ice making head
RCU: remote condensing unit or split system
SCU: self-contained unit







Installation is to be field-verified by the Inspector. To receive credit, an ice machine must be installed by the time of inspection.

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