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Many residential construction projects in Florida are designed as part of a master-planned community that can consist of thousands of houses that have significant impacts to local and regional resources. The planning and design of these communities significantly affects the water supply and quality for the entire state. The Florida Water Star Community criteria are designed to assist developers and designers to increase water efficiency to the highest extent possible.

In addition, multifamily projects should use the Community version for certification.

This certification combines elements of Residential and Commercial/Institutional, with additional language that will be required for inclusion in codes, covenants and restrictions.

The core requirements for Community certification are:

  • All houses must be certified to the version of Residential in effect at the time of construction.
  • All amenity buildings must be certified to the version of Commercial/Institutional in effect at the time of construction.
  • All shared/common landscape areas and irrigation systems must comply with the version of Commercial/Institutional landscape and irrigation requirements in effect at the time of construction.
  • Fertilizer management plans are required for residential lots and shared community areas.

If you are interested in pursuing the Community certification, please contact the administrator if you have any questions about how to proceed.

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