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Florida Water Star Independent Inspectors

Independent Inspector going through a home checklist

A Florida Water Star Independent Inspector works through a thorough checklist when certifying a home.

Independent Inspectors are responsible for consulting with builders and developers to help them achieve certification. Independent Inspectors evaluate projects to see that relevant criteria are met. Independent Inspectors are required to attend a two-day training, pass a written exam, and effectively submit a minimum of two apprenticeship inspection reports.

Independent Inspectors are not water management district employees. As private business people, they charge a fee for their services directly to the builder or homeowner who engages their services.

If you are interested in becoming a Independent Inspector, visit the training and workshops section of this site.

Existing Independent Inspectors can enter their inspection information through FHBA Certified Ratings Program administered by Triconic LLC. All Florida Water Star projects are processed through their Portal.

Florida Water Star Independent Inspectors
Name E-mail Company
Larry Clark Sustainable Performance Solutions
Gerald “Rob” Eisner Personal Touch Landscaping & Irrigation
Pieter Opperman All Star Energy, Inc.
Sarah Sollitto Compliance Data Services, Inc. d/b/a CALCS-PLUS
Michael Sollitto Compliance Data Services, Inc. d/b/a CALCS-PLUS
Nathan Ritter GreenBuilt Solutions, LLC
Pattie Glenn GreenSmart, Inc.
Dennis Hisey Hisey Inspection Services, LLC
Jeffrey Sauls Jeffrey Sauls
Kevin Cavaioli Kevin Cavaioli
Craig Miller Program for Resource Efficient Communities — University of Florida
Joseph Weaver Rated Green, Inc.
Richard Lightner Richard Lightner
Ronald Wright The Wright Enterprises Group, LLC
Jamie Williams Weintraub Inspections & Forensic, Inc.
Wayne Massey Weintraub Inspections & Forensic, Inc.
Derek Powell Weintraub Inspections & Forensic, Inc.