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Innovative water-saving technologies cannot be adequately addressed within the general criteria of Florida Water Star. These technologies may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for their water-saving potential on an individual project.

An example of an innovation is a gray water system for toilet flushing.

Requirements and certification

To receive points, an innovative indoor water-conserving product is used.

Silver Gold Commercial/Institutional
NA Up to 10 Points NA
whole-house leak detection system
This whole-house leak detection system is an example of indoor innovation

For evaluation, complete specifications must be submitted for each innovation. In some cases, a manufacturer’s specification sheet will meet this requirement. In those cases where specifications or designs are customized to a project, detailed designs will be required to verify potential conservation.

The St. Johns River Water Management District will award points after receiving recommendations from the Florida Water Star Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). In the absence of a TAC recommendation or when timeliness is essential, program staff may render a decision based on input from plumbing experts.

Program tip

As the water-saving of a particular innovation becomes clear and its use is consistent in numerous projects, there is potential that it will be included as a program efficiency practice.