Appliance supply lines


Certain pipe materials can fail if used as appliance and fixture water supply lines. In particular, rubber hoses supplying water to clothes washers have poor reputations for long-term durability. As the rubber dries and becomes brittle, the hose becomes vulnerable to failure, which can cause significant damage, especially if unrecognized for extended periods such as during holidays or vacancies.

Requirements and certification

All fixture and appliance water supply connections shall use reinforced hoses.

Silver Gold Commercial/Institutional
Required Required Required
Types of Appliance Supply Lines
Qualified appliance water supply lines come as either metal-braided (left) or poly-braided construction.

This program criteria lists the materials that normally withstand long-term use as supply line connections. There is no single best material available, and any supply line may be subject to failure. Acceptable supply line materials are metal, metal braided, PEX, and poly-braided. The only unacceptable materials are rubber or copper.

An Inspector may waive this requirement for any appliance not installed by the time of inspection. To confirm this criteria, the Inspector will visually inspect all appliance water connections. The Inspector must have the applicant’s approval to move heavier appliances when it is necessary to inspect supply line connections.