watersense logoFederal and state codes establish that flush volume for flushing urinals is 1.0 gallon per flush (gpf). Reducing flush volumes below 1.0 gallon will result in significant water savings.

Requirements and certification

All urinals must have a maximum flush volume of 0.5 gpf or the U.S. Environmental protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense® label.

Silver Gold Commercial/Institutional
NA NA Required

This standard applies to all types of urinals, including those that rely on sensor-based activation. Specifications complying with this requirement must be detailed in the plumbing design, and installation is to be field-verified by the Inspector.

Program tip

Waterless urinals, which have gained in popularity in recent years, provide significant water savings. However, concerns have arisen that prevent them from being included as a prerequisite to receive credit in the program. Odor, ventilation, drain-line carry, maintenance and other issues should be considered during procurement of these fixtures.

A waterless urinal