Residential dishwashers

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Federal standards (2009) for residential automatic dishwasher water use specify less than 6.5 gallons for a standard washer and less than 4.5 gallons for compact models.

Requirements and certification

If the applicant chooses to install a dishwasher, it shall be currently ENERGY STAR® listed.

Silver Gold Commercial/Institutional
Required* Required Required
*If the applicant installs a dishwasher, it must meet current ENERGY STAR® criteria.

Residential automatic dishwasher water use efficiency is currently addressed by the federal ENERGY STAR® label and is limited to 4.25 gallons per cycle, when the machine is set on the “normal” setting.

ENERGY STAR® Dishwasher Water Use Standards
Dishwasher Size Water Use (gallons per cycle) Label
Standard 4.25 Energystar logo
Compact 3.5

Installation is to be field-verified by the Inspector. To receive points, a dishwasher must be installed by the time of inspection.

Water-efficient dishwasher