Residential clothes washers

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For residential clothes washers, water use efficiency is evaluated based on the water factor. This standard industry calculation for water use intensity is defined as the number of gallons used per cubic feet of clothes washer volume.

Residential Clothes Washer Federal Standards (water factor)
Year January 2011 March 2015 February 2018
Top-loading 9.5 WF 8 WF 4.3 WF
Front-loading 9.5 WF 4.5 WF 3.2 WF
WF: water factor

Requirements and certification

If the applicant chooses to install a clothes washer, it shall be currently ENERGY STAR® listed.

Silver Gold Commercial/Institutional
Required* Required Required
*If the applicant installs a clothes washer, it must meet current ENERGY STAR® criteria.
Water-efficient clotheswasher
Water-efficient clothes washer

As with other appliance performance requirements, Florida Water Star requires an ENERGY STAR® label for clothes washers. ENERGY STAR® labels are awarded only to front-loading and top-loading clothes washers that have capacities of greater than 1.6 cubic feet (ft3).

ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washer Water Use Standards
Clothes Washer
Water Use (water factor)
After January 2011
Top- and front-loading 6.0 Energystar logo

Installation is to be field-verified by the Inspector. To receive credit, a clothes washer must be installed by the time of inspection.