Commercial ice machines

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Commercial ice machines can use many types of cooling and production processes.

Florida Water Star commercial ice machine requirements are based on ENERGY STAR® standards. These performance specifications are, on average, 10% more water-efficient than standard commercial ice machines.

A cooling system is an essential icemaker component that is generally either air-cooled or water-cooled. Water-cooled ice machines are not eligible for ENERGY STAR® labeling. In addition, flake and nugget ice machines are not eligible for ENERGY STAR® until a sound testing protocol and performance database are established. Any ice machines that do not fit within these categories will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements and certification

Commercial ice machines are ENERGY STAR®-labeled or meet performance specifications listed below if an ENERGY STAR®-labeled machine is unavailable.

Commercial Ice Machine
Equipment Type Harvest Rate
(pounds of ice
per day)
Potable Water
Use Limit
(gallons per 100 pounds ice)
IMH < 450 ≤ 25 Energystar logo
≥ 450 ≤ 25
RCU (without remote compressor) < 1000 ≤ 25
≥ 1000 ≤ 25
RCU (with remote compressor) < 934 ≤ 25
≥ 934 ≤ 25
SCU < 175 ≤ 35
≥ 175 ≤ 35
IMH: ice making head
RCU: remote condensing unit or split system
SCU: self-contained unit
Silver Gold Commercial/Institutional
NA NA Required

Installation is to be field-verified by the Inspector. To receive credit, an ice machine must be installed by the time of inspection.

Commercial ice machine