Commercial dishwashers

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Commercial dishwashers can consume the largest amount of water in a commercial kitchen. A variety of types and sizes of commercial dishwashers are available. Average commercial dishwasher water use is approximately 4 gallons per rack (Alliance for Water Efficiency 2010).

Requirements and certification

Commercial dishwashers are ENERGY STAR®-labeled.

Maximum Water Use
Dishwasher Type Water Use (gallons per rack) Label

High Temperature Requirements

Low Temperature Requirements

Under-counter ≤ 1.00 ≤ 1.70 Energystar logo
Stationary single-tank door ≤ 0.950 ≤ 1.18
Single-tank conveyor ≤ 0.700 ≤ 0.790
Multiple-tank conveyor ≤ 0.540 ≤ 0.540
Silver Gold Commercial/Institutional
NA NA Required

Installation is to be field-verified by the Inspector. To received credit, a dishwasher must be installed by the time of inspection.